HP-49G+ Connection to PC


I am having an extreme trouble getting the calc to connect to the PC. I am using Windoes XP and have installed the software and the drivers from the CD supplied with the calc. No connection what so ever. Any ideas?


Old VERSIONS, use HP Support pages to search for new drivers => new conn4x (it will contain also the new USB in that file) DO NOT use the separate USB file, it's old in the HP pages , too



Maybe you can try with this:
first install the drivers taht come in the file: 49gPlusDrivers.exe, second try making the file HP_ConnectivityKit.exe to run like it would be on windows 95, rigth click the file and on properties chose compatibility for windows 95. Remeber to always use the same USB port that you used for the first time to connect the hp.


If I may ask, why the same USB port??

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