HP 41C


The dislay of my HP41-C calculator schows in numeric mode just like that: 000000@@@@@@@, in alpha-mode just like @@@@@@000000. After two days a set os new batteries is empty, instead of the calculator is off.
can anybosy help?


I have had a similar problem with two 41C "fullnut". It was the connection of the display with the circuit board. A faulty soldered connector caused the problem.

I hope it can help

Best Regards



Guenter --

Jon's diagnosis seems reasonable. I have a fullnut 41CX and a recently-acquired fullnut 41C. The CX had similar symptoms, and was fixed by repairing faulty solder connections and cleaning off some contamination.

My 41C has similar symptoms, and I expect that I will order the same service for it.

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