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The seller of the auction on which I was complaining just left negative feedback on me, in response of the negative feedback I left on him.

I'm disgusted of such people. Instead of solving the case (and God knows how many emails I sent him with hinest proposals), he just kept on ignoring them and I was obliged to post negative feedback.

Now I won't buy anything more on ebay someone I don't know.

Ebay has a insurance and complaint policy, but it seems it's jst there to fill in forms and nothing happens. It's not safe.

So guys pay attention and beware, especially on raul@csrlink.net


Should we all mail this "raul" guy saying we're all going to boycott his auctions ?


I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO DO SO. Should we all mail this "raul" guy saying we're all going to boycott his auctions ..YES INDEED. So guys pay attention and beware, especially on raul@csrlink.net


'Should we all mail this "raul" guy saying we're all going to boycott his auctions ?'

Futile, if not childish; it certainly won't increase the likelihood of his being positively influenced by any further negotiations, if such possibility could yet be salvaged from the situation, and it will leave him with only the other million buyers to sell to, so it's like threatening a fish with taking a cup of water from the sea.

Why don't you propose the opposite: tell him that if he has any more similar items to auction, there is a group of serious, high-bidding collectors who might become even more interested if they knew that he fairly resolves any problem with a sale.

Sometimes you can't be of any influence by any means, but patience and steady persistence, without flying off the handle, usually works as well as anything.

Try the same with eBay; I recall reading, within the past hour, that eBay might contact a seller directly to help resolve a dispute; have you tried that?

I count myself fortunate to have had some nice dealings with friendly and responsive folks through eBay, and I wish equal good fortune to all.

Best wishes from: jhmeyers@miu.edu


Well, thanks for your wisdom.

Up to now,

a) he never answered my numerous mails concerning this problem but once, saying "it was perfectly working when I sent it, there is no guarantee and ne refund" b) ebay, squaretrade, insurance, feedback forum etc. are only electronic ways of trying to solve litigations without any human intervention c) up to now, he's got my money and just does not care. I got mad out of this, as I just can't do anything else; in addition I spent so much time on this case that I neglected some ebayers to whom I purchased something (sorry, John).

Maybe your solution is a good one, and any help is of course highly appreciated.

PS : I can forward all copies of emails to prove my good faith.


I don't think I could be active on eBay or the HP museum site without my high blood pressure pills. I haven't been burned yet here on the Museum Site with the quality of all stuff that I've bought, but about half of all 'email handshakes' go up in smoke. What I mean by that is that many buyers promiss the check's in the mail, but don't contact me to say that they've changed their minds about a deal. On eBay half of what I purchase doen't work when I receive it and some of the sellers just don't care, so I only buy there when I can't get what I need here. Of course, all of this is just par for the course, life on the planet I mean. It remains my opinion that the HP Museum crowd is an honest, ethical communitee that will be preyed on when we leave the house and venture out into the wilderness.

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