ROM Upload of Clamshell & High End Pioneer


Hello together,

I replaced the ROMUPL28.ZIP archive for fast upload of a HP28C Rev. 1CC ROM image by the CPROMUPL.ZIP archive on my homepage at in the Emu28 emulator section.

The new archive contain information about fast upload on

  • HP17B (english or international) ROM Rev. B
  • HP17BII (english or international) ROM Rev. B
  • HP27S ROM Rev. A or B
  • HP28C ROM Rev. 1BB or 1CC
  • HP28S ROM Rev. 2BB
  • HP42S ROM Rev. A, B or C

In all cases a HP48 is used as receiver. The HP48 must have between ~70KB and ~135KB of free merged RAM. The exact size depends on the ROM image you want to upload.

Dowloaded image size = Size of ROM * (132/128) + 5 bytes string object

Example HP28 Image (128KB):

128 * 1024 * 132 / 128 + 5 = 135173 bytes (~132KB)

+ several extra bytes for the capture program and runtime information.

The complete upload process for each ROM image takes always less than 1 hour.



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