hp71b calc mode fix statement



Does anyone know of a LEX file or technique allowing the use of the "FIX" statement while using the calc mode of the 71b?




You probably know this already, but in case not:

A FIX statement made in keyboard BASIC mode will carry over into Calc mode until it is changed again in keyboard BASIC mode. So if you don't like the display in the Calc mode, just go to BASIC and "fix" it.

Whether there is some way to add FIX to the list of Calc mode functions, I haven't a clue. At the moment, I can't see much advantage in doing this, but you may well feel otherwise. Perhaps someone more expert will comment.



Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply. I'm currently using the FIX statement in BASIC mode, but have found the CALC mode so useful, that I stay in CALC mode most of the time, and hate to switch back to the BASIC mode, just to change the fix format.

Seems like the CALC mode is the more appropriate place for the FIX statement.



Hi Terry,

Ah, how wonderful is the world of the HP-71B! Your view makes perfect sense. I happen to stand on the other side of the toggle switch, and rarely use the Calc mode. So I am grateful that FIX is in the BASIC mode, where I can use it in programs, instead of having to do the INT(10000*x+.5)/10000 trick!

Now then, can anyone answer Terry's original question?




Hi Tom,

I used to stay in the BASIC mode most of the time, but always heard how powerful the CALC mode is... so I forced myself to use only the CALC mode, and now seems like I use CALC for almost everything.

The recall of a previous value using a single "(" is easier than "RES" while in BASIC mode.

Also, while calculating an equation in CALC mode, the result can be stored to a variable, and the result remains in the display. In BASIC mode, you will have to recall the result.

I originally was going to ask if anyone knew of a LEX file that would store a calculation to a variable and display the result while in BASIC mode, similar to the CALC mode.

The 71b is a great machine... I enjoy using very much, just wish It was a little more similar to a calculator, especially in CALC mode.


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