Eramco 64K Ram Storage Unit on ebay


A stupendous tool instead of Hepax for MCoder:


Hi Emmanuel,

yes, indeed it seems to be one of the highest-end devices for HP-41. I do not know it in detail but I believe that this RAMbox/MLDL with software-driven bank switching (there are no mechanical dip switches like the older RSU-1 and there is written "soft select" on the box) is in principle identical to the W&W-RAMbox II and the HP-41CY. Am I right or are there differences, I am curious ? You mentioned 64k, so also the amount of RAM would be identical to the HP-41CY internal RAMbox II.

Best regards,



Wait until you see my MLDL2000 ;-)



Hi Meindert,

yes, you are right!
I am already very curious on your new MLDL. With USB and a lot of flash ROM it will be a wonderful device! Especially the USB option for the link to modern PC and notebooks will be a huge step forward ...

I am indeed looking forward to its introduction. Thanks for your efforts!

Best regards,


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