Clonix-41 software upgrade


Hi all,

As I'm still waiting for the required samples to start my 2004 project, namely the NoVRAM module; I've been using part of my holidays spare time to refine the Clonix-41 code.

As a result, the new code can fit 6 4k pages intead of the previous 5 pages. Next step is to allow the small amount of RAM inside the Clonix (only 1kwords), to be accesible for user "experiments". The first tests with 256 words have been successful, and Writes/Reads flawlessly using David-2C. Now the mapping of the upper 2 bits in the 1Kword is driving me crazy though <!^))

Obviously the hardware remains unchanged.

I'll keep you informed.




that's great news!
I am amazed by which speed you are developing such fine MLDL hard- and software pieces.
That now also some RAM will be accessible is a further "quantum leap" in your fast project roadmap, an indeed good start into 2004! Thanks!




you raised the ante again! Great news, now a single Clonix will hold a powerhouse of software, using up to three complete external ports! (if not using the inner ones, which is a good thing not to do after all to ensure compatibility)

What a wonderful three-kings present...



Hi Werner, Angel...

Thanks for your kind words and your enthusiasm, I've decided to release a new version of the Clonix-41 software (Clonix6P.exe) at the usual site, in a few days.

I'm also preparing a dedicated web page for these projects, and have follow the necessary steps to reserve an appropriate domain.

Now I'm writing the required mods to the former config utility to cope with the extra space, as well as the tiny 256 words of RAM. The 1K RAM version will require much more re-coding, so I've thought you'd probably be more happy to get 6 ROM pages ASAP than awaiting for the (not so big after all) extra RAM :-).

This RAM can only be mapped to the H'F000 - H'F0FF area,
and it's, of course, optional. Should you decide not to use it, the H'F000 page remains free for other uses inside or outside the Clonix. If you enabled the RAM the H'F000 page is forbidden for Clonix ROM mapping configuration.

The RAM enable/disable selection is made at configuration time, and it's permanent for as long as you keep this config in your Clonix.

Best wishes.



Hi Diego,

According to Moore's Law, Gate's Law, and the like such improvements are supposed to come about every 18 months. If you continue at this pace we'll soon be adopting "Diego's Law". Fantastic!! Keep up the good work Diego!!


Edited: 4 Jan 2004, 11:36 a.m.


Hi Bill,

It may be that Moore's and Gate's girlfirends/wives were not air hostess ;-)) (Mine is -also- an angel)

Now, seriously, if fact I should be shamed for not being aware of this previously. But I was too busy with power consumption management and reprogramability issues and paid no needed attention to the memory wasting.

The original code didn't care too much about memory space, so it was *really* byte-hungry, a more closer look showed up that most part of the code was only waiting by placing one instruction after each other... to make a long story short I've replaced the "waiting threads" with "waiting loops", this and some other improvements here and there, and the whole thing collapsed from 6Kbytes to <2KBytes.

As 2Kbytes is the physical limit I needed to reach for beeing able to fit 6 Pages in the remainig 30Kbytes (32Kbytes total), the rest was a simple question of remmaping.

The RAM... Ok, that's another story... ;-)



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