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I remember that once there was a posting regarding different versions of the HP 82143A printer for the HP-41C, but I can't find it anymore. So, does anybody know about different versions? I have an old printer (produced 1980) which has a blue and red jack(?) on the left hand side. My printer from 1987 does not have them. What are they good for? The manual on the MOHPC-DVD does not mention them.

Regards, Frank.


Hi, Frank;

I was never told about these external jacks as well, but I wonder about the color: should they not be a way to power the printer from the outside? Blue for negative, red for positive? Have you measured for existing voltage across these jacks?

Just a guess.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


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Hello, Michel;

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Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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maybe you meant the different case layouts of the printer?
The older ones used to have the LED's look out of the case, the newer ones have the LED's hidden behind the panel overlay. Someone wrote here that the reason for this change was to get a better shielding against high frequency emissions from inside the printer.

And then there are the printers with the 'brighter' (greener) case. I'm not sure if the 43A was ever made with the green case.




These jacks were custom added to connect a power supply. I have once acquired a 82143A with a similar modification. Maybe the orignial power supply failed and the owner wanted to save the money for a new (original) one...

Cheers, Victor


Hi there,

I don't have a multimeter until Monday, but this is how the jacks look like:

Seem to be made very well. Yes, maybe to connect to an external power supply.

Regards, Frank.


that *is* a modification done by a previous owner. if it is not done properly (i.e., without a series diode to prevent reverse polarity damage) and the accumulators are still installed, there is a chance of serious damage to the printer (and you), if you accidentially short those two jacks. so, just be careful.

cheers, hans

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