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I'm having a little trouble finding this exact model on the internet. The one on Dave's site is similar but not quite the same. I'd like to know the date of manufacture.

Anyone know of a site that lists all (or most) of the Monroe mechanical calculators, by model and date?


Well, the first part is solved. I know it is the LX-160. I took another look inside and found LX-160-275XXX stamped on the inside (XXX are replacing real numbers ). So, it is an LX-160 but still not sure of the date. Probably early 1950s but that is just a guess. I have seen some similar ones (like the one on this site) but mine looks older.

I know they made a later model with gray paint instead of black and they also made an LX-160 but I have not found when these were first made.

It is amazing how light touch the keys are and how smoothly it operates.

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Here is a simple video showing how to multiply two numbers. The problem: 2347 x 1246

Here is the textual sequence of what you will see in the video, to multiply 2347 x 1246:

1) 1 turn clockwise to clear counter
2) 1 turn counter clockwise to clear accumulator
3) enter the 1st number (2347)
4) turn crank 1 turn positive to enter into the accumulator

Now, at this point the object will be to turn the crank to get the 2nd number in the counter register.

1) move the carriage 3 places to right
2) turn the crank until the 4th counter digit reads 1
3) move the carriage 1 place to the left
4) turn the crank until the 3rd counter digit reads 2
5) move the carriage 1 place to the left
6) turn the crank until the 2nd counter digit reads 4
7) move the carriage 1 place to the left
8) turn the crank until the 1st counter digit reads 6
9) read the answer 2,924,362 in the accumulator

Monroe LX-160 operation (<-- this is a 3.9 Meg file)

NOTE: I will only have this video up today. So, if you want to watch it later, download it.

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