Rigdon Redux


Well, I am glad that Joe responded, and I am sorry for his personal crisis and his workload. If he had told me these things, I would have understood. But contrary to what he says, he never did, either by phone or by email. See, this is the kind of thing that upsets me: he says I emailbombed him nearly daily but both he and I know that's untrue: I emailed him regarding my calc's whereabouts on 3/15, 3/21, 4/20, and 5/19. I have the records. Four times in three months. That's it! And he knows that's it!

And, further, he knows that he didn't respond to a single one of those four emails.

Further, he also knows that he has never told me how much the total is for the repairs -- so how could I offer to pay him?

And, lastly, he also knows that during my phone conversations with him, he always promised to send me the calcs within a day or two and not once said, no, hey, I'm too busy, give me three weeks; nor did he ever refer to his personal problems.

Joe might be under pressure but he shows less than good grace when he attacks me with prevarications instead of just saying, yeah, you're right, I'll try to do better.


Erik Hedegaard

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