Now THAT is a full auction description!


First TI Calculator?


Is this the "First TI calculator". Or is this an example of the "first TI of this type"?

Edited: 30 Dec 2003, 8:55 p.m.


Whatever it is this ebay description gave me a very good laugh!


In fact you are buying an electronic banner. LOL



I checked the seller's other auctions. Seems he likes LARGE fonts (maybe a large font fettish). It also seems that he has not sold too many calculators because of the cat-got-his-tongue description and also the asking price (so high it scratched one of Saturn's rings). The seller's other auctions are much more descriptive. Anyway, it's more money for eBay.

The moral of the story ..... invest in eBay.




I sent the seller the following question:

"Hi, Wow, this is impressive! Could you please confirm that this is Texas Instruments' 1967 CalTech prototype? A picture of it would be nice too; could you add that to your auction description? Thanks! WMJ"

I shall report back if I get a meaningful reply ;-)

Happy 2004!


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