I'm stuck in ca., and my manual is in Va.. I have small c in the lower right side of my display. Don't know how it got there, and don't know how to remove it.

Need help.


I believe G (blue) 5 (go flag) 8 will clear complex setting (c in the annuciator), but I could also be mistaken since I haven't used my 15c in years. A reset will also work (remove batteries).


Thank you Ron, We love you--wife, daughter, and I have tried. It worked!

God Bless


Hi, Herbert;

this small C means Complex Mode active. If you press [f][I] or [f][Re<>Im], it is activated and so the C annunciator. Maybe it happened and you did not notice.

As Rn Ross mentioned, you can deactivate it with the sequence:

[g] [CF] 8 ([CF] is the blue inscription for the [5] key)

If you leave it there, you'll get automatic complex results for operations where real results do not apply, like:

2 [CHS] [Vx] (square root)

You'll not get [Error 0] message if your HP15C is in complex mode (small C on), instead a zero (real part) in the display. To see the imaginary part, you press (and hold for as long as you want to):

[f] [(i)]

Hope this adds a bit more of information.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 29 Dec 2003, 9:37 p.m.


Thanks for the extra info, Luiz. I am discovering how how much "HP" guys stick together.


...where we all feel home! No matter where you come from, if you contribute positively, you're amongst friends, here. Better, you're "home"! Thanks to Dave!

I love this "e-house"! After about five months "out of the business", I'm trying to return and fit in.


Luiz (Brazil)

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