HP33E charger plug



I own a HP33E, where I replaced batteries buiding the pack by myself without problem.

The problem, instead, is the battery charger plug: during the years the blade contacts has been broken, so it's a pain anytime I need to charge putting the plug on.

Any idea where to find just the plug (the rest of the charger is OK)?

BTW, I'm in Italy.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.



Re: plug for HP33E style chargers

Probably they only come with charger itself, but since it's so easy to change the cells, it might be simpler to just charge batteries in a separate charger, and swap them as necessary (of course, this doesn't give you "unlimited" continuous use, but it serves me well enough).

I get extra NiCd cells (with "flat tops") by taking apart "cordless phone" battery packs, which happen to be made of bunches of them (Radio Shack, in USA, also has "replace-a-cell").

Alkaline batteries (of higher charge capacity) are also available (but never use them with AC charger); the slight problem of cells with "buttons" being slightly too long to insert without flattening the battery contact springs can be overcome by judicious application of a small hammer to each cell :)

As ghastly as this sounds, it's how I make batt. packs to preserve memory (and keep calcs ready to display) even in long-term storage (where NiCd's would discharge).


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