Reminder: HP67 word/phrase magnetic cards available...


The HP67 has the ability to display very interesting words and phrases, including a commercial for Coca-Cola, a poem to former HP programmable calculators and lots more.

There are several regular posters here on the museum forum who have these cards and can make copies for people if anyone is interested.

And, don't forget the HP67/HP97 User Library program scans in PDF form now available at



...and HP-41 and other programs to come!


Sounds interesting. Who would send me a copy of these cards?

Do these programs use "non-standard" instructions of the HP-67? I've read something about HP-67 "synthetic" programming on Anybody knows where I can find detailed information about this feature?

BTW, many thanks to the person (David Ramsey?) who provided the very interesting stuff on I especially like the Calcu-Letters.



Many Thanks to Gene for making these cards available, they are interesting and fun.

I have a copy of this set and have promised to make additional copies for other interested parties.

Email me for details, but basically send me some blank cards and a SASE and I'll send your cards back programmed. If you don't have blank cards, or are out of the US so a SASE won't work, email me and we can figure something out.

Happy Holidays,

Dan M.

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