HP Portable Plus, Episode III


I bought one in mint condition on ebay:
Such price was expensive to my opinion.
But when I opened the ROM DRAWER, I discovered 7 blank EEPROMs. ;o)
Another step in order to save personal softwares in ROM.
My Eprom burner does not support such component.
Just Toshiba TC532000, TC534000, ... not the previous model.
Need help in order to program them.
Thanks for assistance.
Another thing, this is the second one I bought and EEPROMs are not soldered?!
Merry Christmas to all.

Edited: 23 Dec 2003, 4:08 p.m.


Hi Emmanuel,

I'd really hope to be wrong but, AFAIK TC53XXXX are mask ROM's, not EEPROM's. :-(

Does anyone have better news???

Wish that doesn't ruin your joy on your, otherwise, wonderfull new toy.

Again Merry Xmas from the Canaries, (yes, there is snow in my fridge... ;-)

(private joke, sorry)



You are right Diego.
Those 7 ROMs (what a pity!) includes the OUTCOME software
(Profit Management Systems Inc.).
To be continued...

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