Anyone have an uglier HP-15C


This has been posted in the ad section but I thought I'd show a photo of the ugliest HP-15C that I have seen.

The corner is torn off of the keyboard label. This is
one ugly calculator. Have you seen any worse cosmetic condition than this one?

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I would like to have a 15C with a gold bezel. Anyone ever successfully remove a keyboard overlay from one of these calculators. It would be quite an operation but you would have a very unique 15C.


When removing bezels, successful is a relative term...

The only way I have ever been able to get a bezel off any Voyager or Pioneer is to use a hot knife from the back - cutting away at the plastic and peeling it off the metal in small chunks. Takes a while and the ABS stinks to high heaven but you end up with a clean bezel. You might be able to use dental floss like a cheese cutter wire and UN-DU to lift from the front. At each key column or row, you'll have to pull the floss over each key to prevent creasing. I use Glide floss as it is flat and polypropylene. It is much stronger than the regular stuff. I have been able to remove the top silver bezels this way without damage. Takes awhile but it can be done.

While not a 15C, here's my ugly Voyager entry. Yes, it really is a 10C. It is obvious it was used as an RPN 4 banger - look at the major wear on the right side and the thick dirt level on the left. The actuation pin on the + key was worn to a nub. All keys on the right side had been pounded on for so long that the normally square edges of the keys had been completely rounded over, more like a Pioneer key. I replaced all the keys on the right side with keys from a Singapore 12C after removing all the blue shift functions.


one was going to put a gold bezel on a 15C, it might be easier to take a good 12C and rip the keyboard label off. Then, remove the guts and keys from a cosmetically inferior 15C (but with good keyboard template). That would make removing the template (overlay) much easier, without keys.

I may try that someday. Gold 15C . It would be costly though.

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why not rat-calcs, if there are rat-bikes...

cheers, hans


A surveyor here at the office has a 15c which has been in daily use since new. I will include more details with the photo. He recently began using a 48gx but keeps the 15c for some of his calcs. Can someone tell me how to include a picture with my post? I will take the 15c home tonight and photograph it. Be forewarned that the picture may be upsetting to some viewers. Do not eat immediately prior to viewing the photo.



World's Ugliest 15c!!


Wow, this one is really used!
Maybe some smart eBay seller could start an auction for this unit, telling it 'is in excellent condition with minor usage marks' ;-)



John says the only way he will give it up is to get one in better condition.


...which won't be difficult, nearly every other unit looks better.



I can't imagine ANY other calculator series that rugged! I think the photo speaks for itself as to the toughness and durability of the Voyager series.

I drove off with my 42s on the side fender of my Jeep during a construction site visit. At about 40 mph I noticed my 42s develop wings and fly off the fender onto the payment and watch it tumble on the pavement behind me. I stopped very quickly to retrieve my abandoned friend, thinking it might be the end. A couple of gouges in the case, but my 42s came right on with no apparent harm. Talk about a close call.

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