What do you think of this then?


There is a guy in the UK selling a collection of 26 vintage LED calculators on ebay including a couple of HPs.

See http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3066699971&category=3284

Look at this comment for testing his HP units to see if they work!

Quote:"I pressed a 9v battery to the terminals and it powered up and tunctiones worked but I don't think it's the right battery for it".

Do you think this is good for the calculators?


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the power adapter for the Series 30 calcs delivers 9V on the secondary side, too, but the batteries deliver less than 3V normally...dunno if that as the graves nail for these units.

IMHO the whole 'collection' is near to trash.
The HP's, like most of the other machines, look abused, or at least very dirty. The LCD machines are trash actually.
Maybe the most interesting machine in this collection is the Sinclair Cambridge, and even this unit doesn't look too good, and has to be repaired.



Sorry, I think the fx-730P itself is worth more than the current bid. The HPs look battered, others not so much.

It's borderline nonsensical to sell so many machines together.

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