11c Power Supply Capacitor


I suspect that my power supply cap is bad on my HP-11c. I would like to replace it but am not sure of its value. It has 2 numbers legible on it "22" and "10". Is it correct to assume that this means "22pF 10%". Does anybody know?

Thanks Lunn


It would be 22 microfarad (uF) at 10 volts.


It is 22uF (micro-farad) x 10V (volts), the tolerance doesn't matter much, as is a "backup" capacitor (to preserve memory when changing batteries)

The capacitor voltage must be higher than 5V. You can find some 22uF x 6.3V or even 47uF x 6.3V (more time to change batteries) to replace it.

If you can get the tantalum ones, they are smaller and more durable.

Good luck!


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