Editing HP-49g+ files on PC


I've written a program on the HP-49g+ and transferred it to my PC. Alas, I couldn't find a method to display and edit the file, neither with the 49g+ connectivity kit nor with the Windows editor or WinWord. A few characters were readable but most of them where undisplayable control characters. Does anyone knows an editor which is capable of displaying the file correct ? Any hint will be very much appreciated - thank you very much in advance.


Have you tried the latest version of the "Connnectivity Kit" available at http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?locale=en_US?=English&pnameOID=351776&prodSeriesId=33568&prodTypeId=215348&basePartNum=COL4344&locBasepartNum=ca-14082-3&os=Microsoft+Windows+XP&tech=Application? It allows both "binary" and "text" file transfers and even has an option that copies it to your TEMP directory, opens your text editor so you can edit it, and moves it back to the calculator when you close the editor.




Preferably use a "text editor" such as Notepad or maybe even Wordpad. Better text editors are available. If you use a "Word Processor" such as Word or WordPerfect, make sure that you have it set up to treat the file as plain text so that it doesn't expect or add its own control codes or sequences.



Another PS:

Correction: For the "Edit as Text" option, it seems that the file is copied back to the 49g+ only if you save it, not if you quit the editor without saving. Makes sense to me. And it doesn't exactly "move" the file back; a copy of it stays in the PC's TEMP directory.



Thanks a lot James, I'll try it out and will come back to you

Kind regards



Thank you James, your hint was the solution to the problem.



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