33s Time Table


Anyone know when the 33s will go to market in the US?



As is often said on comp.sys.hp48, if anyone really DID know, they would not be in a position to tell.

Anyone who CAN tell, probably is not in a position to know.



Various retail sources currently post the following info on the 33S:

Calculator Source: "We currently expect it to be available January 20th, 2004"

Samson Cables: "ETA Dec/Jan"

HPCalc.org: "ETA of January"

Sleath (UK): "Delivery expected January 2004"

But no guarantees. The ETA for the 33S has been steadily pushed back for several months.







There are indications that the 33S should appear soon. Try www.hpshopping.com and search for "calculators". You will go to the "Calculators" page, which has a link called "which calculator can I use for national exams?"

Click this link to bring up a table of "Approved HP Calculators." The list includes the 33S; it is listed (along with the 9G, 9S, and 30S) as NCEES-approved for professional engineering and surveying exams.

Also, HP has posted the 33S manual online. Go to:


and follow the link to "Product Manuals". Don't know why the 33S manual is lumped in with the 30S manuals, but there it is.

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