Creating a ROM Image of Personal Programs


Happy Holidays All,

In the past week or so there has been allot of talk about coping 41C ROMs or creating ROMs using various devices. I may be wrong, but I thought one of the first inquiries was, how to make a ROM image of personal programs that could be used in an emulator like V41. This is something that I am interested about knowing. I have about 15 to 20 programs that I would like to put into a ROM image, not for use in an actual 41C but in the V41 emulator. This way I could have these programs accessible to me without taking up program memory. Is there a way of doing this using the RAW data files and converting them to ROM images just using the PC?

Thank You


Dear Richard,

EMU41 includes also advanced RAM-Box and HEPAX features. Therefore it is easy possible to create an own rom-image-page containing USER code routines...

Best regards from Germany - Christoph klug

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