*** Message to everybody who is interested in getting my items in ads***


*** Message to everybody who is interested in getting my items in ads***
Paname module for HP-41C/CV/CX (discount price)
HP and non HP calcs, modules & peripherals
24K Eprom Box for HP-41C/CV/CX
HP2225A ThinkJet set
HP2225B ThinkJet set
HP-48SX with HP82210A Application Card
HP-42S with case and manuals
TI-59 and RPN Simulator Module
I know it's the right place for that.
I'm back from the hospital. I'm just tired but OK.
Thanks for your mails.




Gracías, Diego.




it's the exception that proves the rule... :o)


From someone who spent time in the hospital, I'm so glad to see when anyone is back from there. Good to see you're fine, Emmanuel.



Gracías, Juan. Muchos recuerdos. ;o)

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