Request for Diego Diaz


You mentioned that you had written a bin -> rom translator. Would it be possible to get a copy? I have to translate some bin files to unpacked format for a project and don't have the time to write one on my own.
If OK then just email it to my address.

Thanks David Y


Hi David,

Yes, I do have the said .BIN -> .ROM converter utility, it's kinda "rudimentary" though.

Hope you forgive the nasty user interface :-)

I'm at work now, I'll mail it you from home this afternoon.

Hope it satisfies your needs.




I made a request for just that kind of program last month, so naturally I too would be very happy to get a copy.

10 years ago I made some mcode modules (Zeprom), and I know how to make .bin files, but would like to convert them to .rom files for emulation.



You can use SDS-II (made by HP).
READMLDL translate a 640 register² ROM copy from IL MSU into a PC file.
The file has a *.41R suffix.
Rename your file (*.ROM) and it works.

Edited: 18 Dec 2003, 12:33 p.m.

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