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Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. wrote a nice Memories article, about the rather bizarre (and bidirectional) crossover between technology terms and automobile industry terms. [Just like him, I am an IEEE member and also enjoy the Technically Speaking column very much]. A part of it reads:

"... Descriptions in the Educalc Mail Store's catalog #41 included the words "New vertical design with the Sleek Lines of a New German Car" for the HP-22S (page 41) and "New vertical design with the Sleek Efficiency of a New German Car" for the HP-32S (page 42)..."

Two comments:

1) The difference between the "sleek" (?) HP22S and the "efficient" (!) HP32S should be related to the fact that the first is an algebraic model, while the second is a classic RPN model.

Please note that, as in chess moves annotation, (?) is used here as a not-so-good symbol; while (!) is kind of an applause.

2) Would some auto manufacturer build a "4-level stack" vehicle?. I am sure that many of us would be interested!

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