Pre-Order of HP33S on eBay


There are two auctions to PRE-ORDER HP33S on ebay:

I guess you pay now and wait for the machine. The auction says you get it for less.

I think I am waiting for more solid offers.

Reaction please?????????


They may (or may not) care if someone is claiming to sell a non-announced calculator as a pre-order of some sort.

If anyone sees an ebay auction selling a copy of the 12c manual on CD, drop a note here too. HP wants to know if that happens.


Here's one:
HP-12C on CD


Thanks. As anyone sees this, drop me a note.



If anyone sees an ebay auction selling a copy of the 12c manual on CD, drop a note here too. HP wants to know if that happens.

Why don't hp put the manual on their web site. They put the platinum model manual and the problems handbook but not the non platinum model.
Any reason for that? I guess the platinum manual applies to the classic model anyway...



If not, how can he get them at better than 30% below retail?


<<how can he get them at better than 30% below retail?>>

Perhaps by inflating the true retail price. According to the eBay listing, the retail price for the forthcoming 33S will be about $85.

Curiously, several other sites (such as,, and indicate that the expected retail price of the 33S will only be about $66. This would be similar to the historical price of the discontinued 32SII, which the 33S will replace.

These other sites are also taking 33S pre-orders for about $55-60.

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Walmart has the 33S on pre-order for $50!

Due 2/1/04, they say.


Thanks Katie! I placed an order with WAL-Mart. Unlike the eBay auction, I will pay for the item when WAL-MArt ships it.


A few interesting points:

- This is easily the lowest price I have seen for a 33S preorder. The total cost appears to be just $49.97 + $1.87 shipping = $51.84.

- The ad stresses that the 33S is acceptable for use on NCEES exams. It is the first 33S ad that I have seen to make that point. This is an important consideration for many engineers and surveyors. Perhaps HP is now stressing it in its marketing literature.

I would question the ad's assertion that the 33S is "one of the few calculators" allowed on NCEES exams. In fact, practically any non-graphing calculator should be OK. However, it's hard to find a current-model calculator (from any manufacturer) that is both (1) acceptable under NCEES criteria, and (2) programmable to any significant degree. Old discontinued HP and TI keystroke-programmable models should be OK, but they have become relatively expensive collector's items.

If you want an inexpensive programmable for the NCEES exams, the 33S appears to be the best option (the HP-9G is another possiblity, but it has a much smaller memory and no RPN). And since the 33S has an algebraic mode, even some TI users are waiting for it.


I know that this is off-topic, but it appears that there is a price war on eBay!

Samson Cables ( and another retailer keep dropping their prices for brand new 49G+s...I think it's down to $130.99 now!

Boy, isn't competition grand?



> Boy, isn't competition grand?

Yes, but it's unfortunate the calculator manufacturers are not competing on quality.


> The total cost appears to be just $49.97 + $1.87 shipping = $51.84.

+ sales tax, if shipped to most US locations



I notice today (16Dec) that is no longer accepting pre-orders for the 33s. --sjt

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