Printing from 49g+


I just looked through the printed manual and pdf files for information on printing from the 49g+ through the USB port. I found nothing.
Do you just plug a USB cable from calculator to printer and expect it to work? If I had the right style cable here I'd try it, but before I run out and buy one, I thought I'd ask.
I have printed to my old HP thermal printer with success. I know I'd have to set the printer flag from I/R to wire. Maybe that's all there is to it.....


Well, maybe. But the USB printers that I know about don't accept plain
text; they rely on a driver to generate graphics to send to the printer,
so I rather doubt it.

See my response to your previous question to get a decompiled file to
the PC, edit out the first 13 characters, and print it from the PC.


Edited: 13 Dec 2003, 2:52 p.m.



On second thought, change that "maybe" to a definite "no". Both the 49g+ and a USB printer would be "USB client devices", and therefore can't communicate with each other. You need a USB host to act as the go-between.


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