Inside the HP 110 Portable Plus


I opened the Software Drawer and saw:
1-2-3 by Lotus (Upper and Lower Eproms)
1-2-3 by Lotus (Help)
Reflection 1
AdvanceMail (Upper and Lower Eproms)
Executive Card Manager (Upper and Lower Eproms)
MemoMaker/Time Manager
Do softwares not mentionned exist?
Thanks for assistance.


Hello Emmanuel:

I have two HP-110+ with two different sofware packages:

serno. 2718A00087:
as yours +
Deutsches Lokalisierungspaket

serno. 2819A29862:
Memomaker/Time management (1 rom 45504K)
Lotus 1-2-3 (H + L 45548K)
Microsoft Word (H + L 45549K)

I don't know if is what you ask




In addition to the other ROM's mentioned, there is a BASIC interpreter that was available.


Yes, right answer.
3 slots for Eprom are free.
I'm studying how to copy Emu41 or another software managing HPIL to Eproms.



I presented a special Emu41 version for the Portable Plus on the last Allschwil meeting:


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