ROM image convertor ?



anyone have some conversion utility for HP41 ROM images ?
I need to convert some images from unpacked (2 bytes per instruction) format to packed (4 + 1 bytes per 4 instruction) and back.


I'm not a specialist but I use successfully SDS-II.
I can read and write a digital cassette (for HP82161A) or a 3.5" LIF disc (for HP9114A/B)
through HP-IL/PC card.
Thus I transform a ROM image (640 register format) into a compatible ROM image for Clonix.
And the operation from a PC to an HP-IL MSU.

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If what you need is .rom -> .bin format the EMU41 package has a utility to do just that.



For the "forward" direction, the previous advices are appropriate. For the opposite direction, namely, .BIN -> .ROM, I've written a small but not yet documented utility. I'll send you a preliminary revision of it, if you're interested.

I'll also write a .ROM -> .BIN in the near future, but I still suffer a little lack of spare time... :-)




If what you need is .rom -> .bin format the EMU41 package has a utility to do just that.


Yes, see here


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