HP 71B and the HP-IL


I just noticed an odd issue with my two HP 71B's. Newer 71B (with plastic back) will delay the cursor by about a second when the HP-IL is installed. Older 71B (metal bottom ) delays the cursor by up to 5 seconds. Take the HP-IL's out of both 71B's and the comps power up quickly and the cursor is blinking immediately. Is this common for the 71B?



Hello Bill,

You can issue "OFF IO" to suspend operation of the HP-IL loop.

There is a note on page 15 of the "HP-IL Interface Owner's Manual" regarding the delay.

"Note: if you want to use your HP-71 without connecting or turning on the HP-IL devices, you may have to wait 2 or 3 seconds after you press "ON" before the prompt turns on (only if the HP-IL interface is installed)"



well--thanx alot. i haven't looked in the hp-il manual yet since i don't have any hp-il devices. perhaps i should read it anyway!


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