Many old programs via FTP


I've finally finished scanning the old HP calculator programs Gene Wright sent me a few weeks ago. These files are PDFs and can be downloaded from via anonymous FTP-- just look in the "HP_Docs" directory.

Most programs are 2-5 pages and the PDF files are in the 75-250K range. There are some notable exceptions, though!

Naming conventions:

* If a program is for a specific model calculator, the calculator model # is used as a prefix, i.e. "67Bagels".

* In many cases, multiple versions of a program exist. These are denoted with numeric suffixes, i.e. "67Bagels #3".

* There are some non-program documents, reprints of old magazine columns and such. These have no numeric prefix.

* A few program listings included more than one program. These titles will include both programs separated by an "&" sign.

There are 199 documents/programs available. My outbound bandwidth is limited to 144K, so be gentle-- nighttime downloads are preferred.

The majority of the programs are for the 67/97 calculators. There are a few programs for other calculators, mainly the 25. There's only one program for the 41, a simple routine to emulate the primary/secondary register swap on the 67/97.



Thanks a great deal, David.

Fellow HP nuts, David has done us all a great favor through his long efforts here at scanning. These are (primarily) HP67 User Library programs I've had for some time and now they are available to all.

There are also a large number of programs for the HP41 that will be scanned soon too.

Enjoy and thanks again to David!

P.S. The scanning of the TI PPC Notes and a large number of TI User Library programs are still in progress, but should be finished by early next year!




Sorry, don't know what that is.


Hi David,

Could you be so kind and write the full link to access this site and docs? Thanks, Albert


This should work.


I know many of you just HAVE to have lots of old HP User Library Programs laying around out there. Scan them and share! :-)


Also, the old PPC and CHHU Swap Disks are on the web at:


This is great!


I have another notebook full of HP41 programs and a notebook full of HP67 "Miscellaneous" programs too.

Thanks to all the helpers!

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