BidPay (Western Union Auction Payments) Contact Number



Just a notice to those of you that accept Western Union Auction Payments (formerly BidPay) for purchases of your HP gear.

They are having serious problems. Most payments are taking 5 days or longer for approval. A few days ago it was taking 3 days, now it is 5 days. I wouldn't ship anything until your Money Order is in hand. This is not a good sign.

If you need to contact them, their phone number is:
800-350-5952 Western Union Auction Payments

This is hard to find. Kind of like they don't want you to call them. But you do get a human and can lodge a complaint about their poor service.

Edited: 11 Dec 2003, 4:27 p.m.


I've also had serious problems with bidpay. I send money to a seller who did not update it address in it's bidpay account and bidpay decided to ship the money order to the old address, although I had given them the new address. Here is what they wrote :

"This seller is registered with us and the address information we have on file for them is below. In the event that you made a mistake entering the seller's address when placing the order, we will mail the payment to the registered address the seller has given us, included below, to ensure proper delivery of the payment.
They did not wait for my approval to send the money to the address they had in file (which was incorrect). Later I was told that most of the times the address in the file is more accurate than the address the person gives them. Therefore they have a policy to simply ignore the address you give them for the money transfer if they already have an address in their file for this person.

I sent them more than 10 mails but could not get any answer. I could not call them because 1-800 phone numbers cannot be reached from Europe. I finally filed a complaint by western union ( and after two months (!!) they finally reissued a check.


I send money to a seller who did not update it address in it's bidpay account and bidpay decided to ship the money
order to the old address, although I had given them the new address.
I had a similar problem. In my case, the seller told me he had tried several times to get his address updated, but BidPay was still using his old address. Fortunately I was able to get BidPay to cancel the money order before it was sent out and then I just went to the Post Office and mailed an international money order to the seller at the correct address.


If you call the 800 number in the first post, either the buyer or seller can cancel the transaction, while it is still pending.


Not only is bidpay slow, but it appears that they are not even receiving messages sent via "contact us" or faxes. After I so wonderfully found their number posted, I called them and was told that they had not received any of the 5 communications sent to them between the seller and myself. The reason given for the whole mess is that they are overloaded. This does not seem to justify non-receipt of e-mail (the service rep had my e-mail adddress on file, but no record of having received anythng from me).

So not only is this situation bad for sellers it is equally bad for buyers who do not know where their money is and how to get control of it again.


I will never use them again,they took my money and still havent sent the order,no response to my several emails,and no getting in touch with them by phone,I warn you all about uses there services,its the worst!


BidPay sucks major ass! My order have been "waiting for approval" for more than 2 weeks now! I called the number and talked to the representative. She said she will process my order so I can check a couple of hours later. Let's see what's going to happen next...

Or maybe I should have cancelled my order.


Thank you for your help and the telphone number I made a payment with Bidpay on the December 1st and it is still pending approval (Today is the 17th December) I called the number and they have promised to action the payment - we will see.




I will NEVER use Western Union. The service is unacceptable and the customer service reps are rude. BEWARE


I wish I had read these reviews two weeks ago. I am trying to cancel the order I have made becuase it is pending after 10 days. I can only send emails, as the phone number does not work from Canada. How did any of you actually solve the problem of not having your money sent out. I am thinking of contacting my credit card company to lodge a complaint. Have any of you done this?
Any advice would be appreciated.


The 800 number should work from Canada,Ive used it to get my 9 day order pending order resolved,within two hours of complaining by phone the order was approved,they do not reply to email thats a waste of time,they claim they didnt get them or their too busy to reply,depends on who you talk to.Just in case the 800 number I used from Canada is 1-800-350-5952,I suggest people use a much better service,Ive used them a little over the years but have now switched due to bidpays problems.


I made the order on 6-12-03. They processed my credit card immediatley. It is now 22-12-03 and my order is still awaiting approval. I have sent them five emails over the period and they have not bothered to answer one. I required the item for Christmas, and thanks to their incompetence, I now shall not have it.
The seller has also contacted them via email and had no response. I have sent him the tel. no. as I can't 'phone from Europe. Maybe he might get a result.
I'll let you know.
The worst online service I have found. If I could buy a ton of gold on eBay for £50-00, but had to pay via this bunch of tossers, I'd pass on it!
Seasons greetings to all but them,


Western Union has taken about US$700.00 from me and Western Union will not return my emails and they will not provide a phone number that will work in Australia
With PayPal I can have Items from the USA here in Australia within 10 days. Western Union has had over $700.00 of my money for 34 days while for all I know my sellers and I have nothing!



You might try contacting your equivalent of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. You might also contact your state/territory Attorney General's office. Both organizations should handle consumer fraud complaints, which is what your problem with BidPay seems to be evolving into. I am certain that they will be able to get the attention of BidPay/Western Union.


bidpay are hopeless avoid using them i get automated responses they will not put my order thru and will not tell me why i have used them for 6 months only because i have to. they approve some but not others cantact number is from australia is 0011188035059521


I have used Western Union (Bidpay) twice recently and they have cocked it up both times. I emailed them about 12 times the first time with no answer and had to ring twice to cancel the order in the end. As the seller had put an error in their address I gave Bidpay the benefit of the doubt and decided to give them another chance - I was an idiot...


Can anyone give me the telephone number for Bidpay. I am waiting for money order and wish to phone them. I live in UK


I too am a UK national trying to make a Western Union auction payment.
I found a telephone number, after I received no reply to 3 e-mails, which is, from the UK 00 1 800 350 5952.
Good luck.


Hi - I also live in Australia and just (as in the last hour) used WU for an ebay Auction payment (doh! should have read this first!).

As I was registering to make the payment - when I got to the page called Step 5 (which is the bit they ask you for your credit card details, email details, etc) the site suddenly changed from secure to not secure (ie. https:\\ for the rest of the transaction, then http:\\ for that particular page).

Of course, I didn't enter my info into that page when I noticed it, I fixed up the address to read "https:\\ etc" and it seemed to work ok so I continued, still feeling pretty uneasy about the whole thing, which is why I searched for WU fraud right after completion.

I'm not too savvy on the IT side of things, but I'm wondering if your info has been stolen by a third party at that point, rather than actually being WU?


I too have had WU problems recently, but only over the extended xmas season for business hours this year. When I finally did track down an apparently human employee at WU she would only offer that "they were glad to be over the holiday season and hoped things would back to normal soon". Comforting EH! These guys could lose thier feet in the fog! I informed the rep who emailed me (after 12 days)in response to my mail not to worry , I wouldn"be bothering them anymore and had sent alternate source MO's to cover my last 4 purchases. I'd advise you all to do the same!


Terrible service. four days and several email to them and nothing. just because my e-bay seller did not want to use paypal.

I will never to that again.

I do not know what to do , Where I am located I have internet but no telephone. I can contact them directly

Happy Holidays to all


SAME THING...grrr..i've put in an order 9 days ago, and it's still PENDING...thanks to you guys, I called them up and CANCELED happy, i've e-mailed them twice and I had no response, worse online company I've ever dealt with. Will never make the same mistake twice.


What a waste of time this company is, I placed an order on the 16/12/03 and I am still waiting for it to be approved, they have now had my money for 7 days, I have sent 3 emails, each one getting more and more abusive, but still not a word back from them. Thanks to them a much wanted Christmas gift will not be here on time. May they rot in HELL!


I asked my seller to 'phone them as he is in the states. He got through immediatley, said they were very apologetic, and processed the order there and then. It still doesn't get me my item in time for Christmas, which is not good enough, but at least the problem is resolved. If you can't contact them, your seller might be able to.


My buyer applied on 6th December. We Have both sent many e mails to Western Union, order was finally DENIED on 23rd December. Buyer had his credit card debited on 6th December!
These people should not be in business, will NEVER use Western Union again for anything.





Another pissed off person here. I was trying to find info on this company since I have two charges on my credit card from them which I never made.

When I called the 800 number I spoke to someone named Zack who told me that the charges were for photographic equipment but couldn't tell me anything else. He refused to give me his last name or the name of a supervisor. He wouldn't even tell me where the office is located.

I am contacting the fruad department of my credit card company and filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office.

I find it difficult to believe that a multi billiopn dollar company like Western Union would operate like a boiler room operation. The company name on my credit card bill is WU Auction Payments.


Hi all,

Does anyone know the direct number (with area code etc) I can ring to get some service out of these wankers.
I'm in Australia and can't use the 1-800 number but am happy to pay for a direct call to them to complain about their crappy, shitty, woeful service

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