New SANDBOX 8k Version available


Just to let you all know, the 8k expansion to the SANDBOX ROM is already available.

It includes many utilities grouped into five different sections, as follows:

- Housekeeping (32 fncs)- all-time favorites and new ones,

- Alpha & Display (27 fncs) -including lower case chars,

- Math (35 fncs) -including Hyperbolics and Complex math,

- Advanced functions (24 fncs)- including MLDL and diagnostics, and

- Fun Stuff (5 funs) - including alternative beeps and a game

An updated QRG and a new comprehensive manual are also available for a more detailed description of the functions.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did enjoy putting it together. As always, all feedback is welcome!




Hi Ángel, all,

I've been one of the fortunate first users of your SandBox. This is only to make public what you already know: my congratulation on a really well done job.

Not only the compilation of previously written functions and utilities is amazingly comprehensive, but your own functions are also top quality M-code examples. Altogether with a tidy and well structured manual. You aced this!

I wholeheartedly advice anyone interested in my Clonix module, to consider the possibility of burning the SandBox in it, as the perfect companion. You won't regret. :)

Best wishes.




I wholeheartedly advice anyone interested in my Clonix module, to consider the possibility of burning the SandBox in it, as the perfect companion

We are eagerly waiting for this, don't worry ;-)

Thanks to you both for your work.



Angel --

I didn't know that you were so close to completion when you recently asked about hyperbolic functions on the Advantage ROM. My response launched a fairly-long thread.

Are your math functions the ones on the HP-41 Math ROM, converted to m-code? Even that is an improvement, but if you want to include hyperbolic and trigonometric inverse functions for complex-valued arguments in your next version, that's a bit trickier.

I can prepare a derivation of arc sine for complex-valued arguments. If you e-mail me with a valid address, I can order your ROM and send you (and Nelson Sicuro?) materials in other formats.



No need to order my ROM, as it is absolutely non-commercial (i.e. free). It is posted in the "other" wonderful site for hp-41 reference material, go to the "What's New" section.

When you download it you'll see that the Math functions are not a copycat of the Math Pack (or Aadvantage), although there's a minimal 'duplication' - for the lack of a better word.

Math functions wasn't the only goal of the SandBox project, nor the main one either. Therefore it isn't supposed to be a "High Math" ROM, but still I think it helps a lot in that department as well.



Would it be possible to return header names to uppercase?



Hi Angel,

I have no technical input here by this post but I want to congratulate you for this nice work. I already looked into the QRG, very good, thank you !!!! When you first spoke of the extension to 8k I was not aware that we would still get it for Christmas ... ;-)

Many thanks and best regards,


Edited: 12 Dec 2003, 2:40 a.m.


Yes, it *would*, but do we want to?

It's only the headers, the "Welcome" message and some of the error messages, thus we're not talking about incompatibility really, only cosmetics.

I confronted such choice when developing it, and finally opted for a Halfnut-only code. Considering that in over 95% of the cases it will be used on an emulator that speaks Halftnut (like V41 and Emu41) tipped the scale in making that decision.

Did I miss some other "distribution channels"?
I can send you a Fullnut-compatible version if you want it, and maybe this is also good for Clonix customers with Fullnuts...



Maybe it is the best solution to include both Full- and Half-Nut version so everyone will be happy :-)

Best regards.


Is there any difference in the software side in these two CPUs? I know that the older fullnuts have two pulses in the middle of the SYNC pulse, and the newer and halfunts don't.

Best regards,


P.S. The voyagers used a halfnut CPU (slightly different eletrically) as well (the older ones, two or three chips: CPU, ROM/LCD-ctrl and RAM [only 15C]).



It is not on the CPU but the on LCD control chip where the lowercase handling ability relies.

In the Fullnuts, the "Extended Character Set" has only 16 characters (the other 48 are represented by a "blank"), while Halfnuts have the full 64 extended character set, it's here (in thoses 48 extra characters) where lowercases can be found.




I agree, it would be nice to have both a half-nut and a full-nut version....

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