HP41 CMT-200 Data I/O module


Dear HP41 enthusiasts,

The CMT-200 system for HP41 (ebay auction #3062088915) is an really exotic unit.

Less for collectors - but more interesting for hardware interface enthusiasts are the I/O-Board or the IL2000 system, which includes much more features for measurement and data logging applications...

Regards - Christoph Klug


Sorry that I purchased this system, Christoph :)


Even more sorry that I purchased both that system and the CMT-300, together for half the price of this one :-))


So you are nowake92... good to know.
I'll be more careful when bidding against you ;-)



Massimo, and how will I know it's you?
Let's all show our cards, or none of us :-)

Seriously, I normally don't brag about this stuff, but the provocation was too strong...

I lucked out, that's all.




Well, strangely enough, we only bet in three on those items.
I was the second bidder on both, so...

Mine was a humorous wink at you: I respect those who still *use* these gadgets, it would be nice to have one but I do not *need* them.


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