HP 49-G


Well, I have to admit I bought this new calculator.

I H A T E I T !!!!!

- it looks like a toy withnits fancy colours - the keys are not sound, sometimes you have to press them twice to get a good answer (I have close to my keyboard a good all HP21, that is what I call a calculator) - it is so complicated just to perform a simple setting or simple calculation - it might be a powerful math workshop, but look at the 41 : it was also very powerful, but so simple to use : everything essential was on the keyboard, not more.

Well, my 49G, brand new, is FOR SALE !!!!!!!

To HP guys : please build up a GOOD calculator, not a competing TI toy


Don't just sell it on, Thibaut (you didn't do a good sales job in that message, anyway ). HP will just count it as a successful sale and another happy customer.

If the keys don't work properly, if the thing is just too awkward to use, return it with a letter of complaint, and get your money back, in full. HP needs to know if their products are not of merchantable quality - and an increasing number of people don't think they are.


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]


Well, actually I did not return it (in fact id did take the decision of purchasing it, I am responsible for that), but I wrote them a kind letter explaining my point of view, shared by many of you, concerning their new products.

it is in French, but I will publish it if anyone ask for it, as well as their reply.


Before anyone purchases an HP49G you should realise you need the following items:

Modern PC with modem

Internet link

Printer (or carry a laptop with the manuals on - so much for a portable calculator!)

Several hundred sheets of printer paper

Link cable

And either:

Many hours to spare to figure out how to use the calculator from the poor manuals (including the ones via the web)


A good knowledge of how the HP48 series works

And every time the sofware gets updated (about 10 times so far) you may have to reprint the manuals because HP don't tell you which version goes with what software or what the changes are.

Of course I only realised to above AFTER buying the HP49G. Had the advertising said the above were necessary I may not have bought the thing (maybe thats why HP don't tell you up front!) However HP are building up a body of disgruntled owners who will be wary of buying HP calcs in the future.

I guess this is a result of 'make maximum profits now', 'never mind what we are storing up for the future' ethics in modern buisiness.


I learned the lesson too after buying the HP 49G. After using my HP41CV for so many years I though the HP 49G had the same hardware quality. I'm impressed with the OS but disapointed with the hardware. I will think twice and perhaps look into other brands if need to buy another calculator.

I hope HP will get back on track with I quality products

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