HP-IL floppy disk commands ?



anyone have the listing of DDT/DDL HP-IL commands for HP9114 floppy disk ?

I am not able to find them in any available documentation.

I especially need the description od bits in Status byte.

Also, I need to know what commands behave differently from cassette drive. For example, during SEEK command, the tape unit signal Size error, if the Track is more than 1 (tape organisation is 2 tracks, 256 records).

I suppose that because the FD disk is organised as 2x77 tracks, 16 records per track, the SEEK command should also have two bytes (for compatibility), first byte is track number (0..153) and second byte is record number (0..15) right ?

My mass storage now emulates all operations with the tape (writing part of program is almost finished). Now, I need to extend the functionality to floppy disk emulation.

Thx for any informations



I collected information about disk drive from HP-71B HP-IL ROM while worked on HP-IL emulation for HP-71X. There are few new DDL & DDT commands compared to the cassete drive:

DDL11: Verify Medium

DDT5: Transfer Buffer

DDT6: Send Implementation

DDT7: Send Max Record (#099F)



Thank you very much.

Do you know the more detailed description of Verify medium and Send implementation commands ?

Status byte definition is the same as in cassett drive ?


I really don't know about Verify Medium and I have left it unimplemented because it doesn't have much sense in my implementation of HP-IL, anyway.

Send Implementation is sending the following bytes to the controller:

#00 #00 #00 #4D #00 #00 #00 #02 #00 #00 #00 #10

AFAIK, the status byte hasn't changed.



... it doesn't have much sense in my implementation of HP-IL, anyway

... and because it hasn't been used in the HP-71B firmware.

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