KB of HP 20s, 48 compare to casio's


I have been used casio calculators for about 20 years.
TI,Casio and sharp's calculators all have silmilar touch feeling:soft and same keyboard surface.
But, I still like the hard feeling and KB storke design of HP 32s,20s,48g or 10B.

Is there a name or pattern for these calculators KB?
Are the new coming calculator 33s or 49g+ used the old design or just like the same KB of 49g? (From picture showed in some web, 33s and 49g+ used the same KB design as 49g's)


At least the 49g+ uses a new design emulating the old one.

Yes, I mean both the CPU and the keyboard: the new keyboard certainly "clicks" and if a key would not work (not just "drived-in" yet) you can grab it, push it down, and wiggle it sideways 9.5 times.

I guess the 33S will be similar to 10BII eg. click

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