What manuals came with a 48S?


Hi there!

I think I have a potential e.Bay issue, but I don't know yet.

I've purchased a 48SX on eBay recently. It hasn't yet arrived, but for some reason I was logged on today and took another look at the ad. I noticed something in the picture today that I wished I had noticed during the bidding process.

I know what you're asking...what did I notice??

Well, it's a tad blurry, but it looks like the calculator is only an S, not an SX (At the top, RHS is says "Scientific" not "Scientific Expandable")

The problem is...the manuals clearly state 48SX!

I know that for the G series, they made the manual more generic to cover the GX, G+, etc...but did they issue separate manuals for the S and SX?

The seller has lots of feedback and doesn't appear to buy/sell calculators at all, so I imagine it was an honest mistake. I'll wait for the item to arrive, and if it is a 48S, then I'll write to him to discuss options.

In the meantime, can anyone answer the manual question for me?

Thanks a bunch!


A user manual dedicated to the 'S' (not SX) definitely exists.
I haven't seen spiral bound ones yet, only paperback.



Hello Scuba,

AFAIK The S and SX, come's standard with manual's (2 volume's)for the SX !
I have both S and SX, and they came with the same manual. Because they are in fact the same machine's. Both have a standard memory of 32 Kb! The only diference occure when the SX is installed with one ore two RAM's/ROM's.


As well as the 2-volume spiral-bound "HP 48SX Scientific Expandable Owner's Manual", I also have a 1-volume paper-back "HP 48 Owner's Manual" printed in November 1991. As far as I've noticed, the contents of the 1-volume manual are the same as the contents of the 2-volume manual, except that the sections on using RAM/ROM cards and merged/free memory say "(Not HP 48S)".

I think that the earlier 48Ses were packaged with the 48SX manual until the stock was used up, and then the 1-volume manual was packaged with both the 48SX and 48S.



That sounds reasonable since the 48S was introduced after the SX...



Do you mean you got one manual (SX volume 1) with your 48S, and 2 manuals (SX volume 1 & 2) with your 48SX?

Reason I ask is that I bought a "new in box" 48S on ebay a few months ago, and it came with the 48SX volume 1 manual only ie. there was no volume 2 manual supplied. I thought maybe the seller had been mixing and matching calculators & manuals, but according to the seller, the calculator came in the box exactly as I received it.


As far as i remember, the S and SX both came ,new, with the 2 volume manual for the SX. Actually, im sure of this.


I've got a 48S manufactured in 1993. The manual set is still in shrink wrap, so I know nothing is missing. The manual set includes a very thick "HP 48 Owner's Manual" which has a picture of the 48SX on the cover, and a small "HP 48 Quick Reference Guide." Hope that helps.


Well, I think I have my answer.

This is probably an older 48S, since the picture shows two SX manuals plus the small little reference booklet.

Thanks to everyone who replied!

As an aside, I contacted the seller via email and he replied within 30 minutes. Acknowledged that he simply pulled the information from the manual, and is willing to take it back or refund an appropriate amount...if it's in good shape, I see no reason to send it back...I'll just have to keep my eyes open for an SX...awww, gee, I have to increase my collection by another HP? I just HATE doing that! Hahaha

Thanks again everyone!


about a year ago on e-bay. Person listed SX and there was no picture to back it up. When I received it, it was a S with a SX manual (1 volume too). Guy didn't know much about HP calculators and I think he was actually selling it for someone else.
The seller admitted genuine mistake in listing reading the info on the manual. Offered a full refund, but because the S was in really nice shape I wanted to keep it and we settled on 50% refund of my bidding price.

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