HP-41 Rom Pacs -> PC


Hi all,

As I promised, here are the results of my ROM PAC -> PC experiments.

Yes, it works, only one diode and one resistor needed, to handle the ISA line apropriately.

Simply plug the ROM-PAC into a convenniently wired cable and connect it to the PC printer port.

A small utility reads the ROM PAC and produces a .ROM file suitable to use with the V41 emulator or to be programmed in a Clonix module ;-)

Any other file format can, of course, be implemented.

Best regards from the Canary Islands.



That's great news. Are you sure you can't eliminate the resistor or diode? :) I think you are the master of minimum component designs.

Now, does anyone know how I can get the Zenrom code? Is the copyright still in force?

Regards from (sometimes) sunny Florida,



David Brunell wrote:
> how I can get the Zenrom code? Is the copyright still in force?

Here is a simple rule of thumb for computer related copyright: no matter when it was released, if it has to do with digital computers, the copyright is still in force.

This rule of thumb will be good for the next 30-40 years.



Not necessarily. This is up to the individual companies or individuals who may have done the coding. Didn't HP allow for older ROMs, etc to be copyright free?


Joe Edwards wrote:
> Didn't HP allow for older ROMs, etc to be copyright free?

You are thinking of NOMAS (not manufacturer supported). This means that HP will not answer queries about this material, it does not mean that you can go about publishing it on your web site.

The MoHPC site has adopted a strict policy on copyrighted materials. How many ROM images can you find in this site?

Just because HP is not bothering to hunt down people who distribute copies of ROMs is not proof that this material is not protected, or that HP may not change their mind at some point in the future.

For example, take the software of 80's era video games consoles. They were considered obsolete and worthless. People wrote emulators and started posting these games on web sites. Then companies started puting such games in cell phones, or "retro" games consoles. All of a sudden, this software stopped being worthless and web sites that were publishing copies received legal letters to stop their activity.


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