Hello Diego,

I tried to send you e-mail, but mail bounced back as non-existent mailbox. So, I am answering here.

I will measure the current consumption now and after your modifications and we will see.

The only difference between my Clonix and yours is, that I am using PIC18F258 instead of PIC18LF252. So, the absolute values of the current consumption will be different.



Please remove the "NOSPAM" garbage from my e-mail address and it will work fine. I didn't tell you as it's a commonly used trick I supposed you were aware of. My apologise. Mail me to send you some hints on the testing procedure so we both use the same testing parameters to get coherent results.

The extra "L" in PIC's part number does not stad for "Low power" but for "Low voltage".

"F" type operational range is from 4.2 to 5.5 volts while "LF" goes from 2.5 to 5.5 volts. Appart from that both devices share the same power figures when used above 4.2v, which is the case.

My design uses the LF version because this was the available samples at the very beginning. Actually I have received some "F" version chips since then and tested them successfully, as you already know ;-)

Best wishes.


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