HP49G+ vs HP49G


What are the major differences between these two calculators? I know there are memory differences, that HP may have fixed some bugs from the original 49G, and that the 49G+ keyboard is better, but are there any other differences such as functionality, keyboard layout, etc. I am asking because I am looking at various books on using the 49G and wondered if a book covering the 49G could be used with the 49G+.


The 49G books can be used also with the 49g+ and 48gII.
Only the CAT <-> EVAL & EQW <-> [ ' ] (tick) key labels has been swapped to make the new models more "48-like" or RPN-friendly. The "real" speed eg. computational speed is not as big as one could think, but the new models feel much faster overall on daily use.

You will greatly enjoy of 12*faster I/O + IrDA & the 49g+'s SD-slot.



I question whether the keys are that much better between the two models. I own several 20s and have owned a 32s, 422, 15c, 48g+, 48gx, and a 41cx. Now those had NICE keyboards!
I had to return my 49g+ due to a shoddy keyboard; keys didn't respond and many stuck in the "down" position. :( A friend a my university uses an old 49G and after playing with it, I really do prefer the keyboard of that model vs. the 49G+. Don't think I am stating the 49G has a great keyboard, because that isn't the case.
In the end I am still VERY curious how much extra it would have cost HP to recreate the same quality keyboard of the 48 series machines on the 49G+. Have they lost the ability to manufacture a simple hinged key?
The new look of the machine is fine, albeit they should have used the snazzier silver face for the 49G+ (and not even wasted their time with the HP48GII) since it doesn't look as gaudy (my opinion).If it wasn't for the poor keyboard of the 49G+ I would snatch another one up.

I guess I will just go buy a 48GX to accompany my TI89. :(

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