Whether there are calculators, which can work on a frost? -20 oC, -40 oC (0..-40 F)




Sergei, you would better close the window and put the heating ...


Thanks, will do.
Unfortunately, a people working in winter in streeta, have no windows, that them to close.

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Well, no LCD I know of will operate that those low temps, which pretty much lets out any modern calculator.

LEDs are pretty temperature-insensitive. The problem then will be the batteries, which also perform poorly at very low temperatures. There's no easy solution for that other than to keep the batteries warm.

So the best solution I can think of is an old LED calc with good new batteries.


Hello, on Saturday will coming the winter to the Hungary... ;)

I'm not the specialist, but the photographers uses external battery packs to photography, what wearable under the clothes. The human body keeps that warm.



Woman with a device, from which there are wires to a body... This may call a suspicions. :(


VFD displays can work too.
A large buttons is also required for operations with a thick gloves


If the LED calculator can take standard AA batteries, then I would think the Litium AA's would work quite well at low temperature. So, a HP-25C or 34C with lithium AA's would probally work well in cold weather. 12345


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You could always just put it in your pocket, next to your body.

If that doesn't work, just put the calculator in a small open sided (for hand access) glass box or under a glass cake/cheese "bell". The sun should keep it above freezing and you can still see the display. A cloth could cover the opening until use. For those overcast days, just heat a dry rock or brick and wrap it in a towel and place it in the box with the calculator.

The keys are to maximize the reception and retention of solar incidence and to reduce or eliminate the convective effects of wind and movement.

By the way, if you have to worry about your LCD, how do you stand the temperatures yourself ?

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