How many calcs do you have. (curious)


I do have 3 HP48GX, 1 48G+, 2 32SII, and a 17 Bii.


...and 2 identical posts in the forum. Do you collect these also? ;-)))

Cheers, Victor


HP's: 1x 10c, 1x 20s, 2x 32sII (brown & silver bezel)
Casio: 1x fx-602p, 1x fx-4500p


Dear Bert,

want you sell your CASIO FX-602P??? Please, do that!!! I will the best buyer on the World, if you're want!!! :)



Posted by Tizedes Csaba on 2 Dec 2003, 2:52 p.m., in response to Re: How many calcs do you have. (curious), posted by Bert K on 2 Dec 2003, 2:44 p.m.

Dear Bert,

want you sell your CASIO FX-602P??? Please, do that!!! I will the best buyer on the World, if you're want!!! :)


I have a CASIO FX-702P, which I'm willing to trade
in to one of your calculators.

(Let's discuss more in a private e-mail.)


Csaba, sorry but I don't want to sell my 602P. It took some trouble to obtain one in the first place. Second, the 602P was the calculator I badly wanted but couldn't afford when I was a student. Back then I swapped another Casio calculator for a Casio FX-501P (I wish I stil had that one). The 501P is a predecessor of the 601P/602P calculators. Owning a 501P for me was the closest thing to a real 602P. Oh those were the days...


That was my first programmable calc given to me by my dad. But it has always bothered me that there is a socket on the top and I don't know what to do with it. Any idea on this one?



PS: No it is not for sale


did it take the same fa-1 as the 502p? if so that's the socket.


The 602P was my first computing device, too. Wanted to have a 41C badly but that was _far_ too expensive. The connector connects to a FA-2 interface that saves your programs to a cassette player (not included). You could also 'program' music to a cassette.


As others have indicated, there was a cassette tape interface that could be connected (2 in fact: FA-1 & FA-2). There was also a printer that could be connected (FP-10), and both could be daisy-chained together with the calc. This was quite a lovely machine, almost on par with HP-41, though I always had (and still have) HP-41 envy.

This was my first programmable, and it carried me through 6 years of high school & university. A few years ago I dusted it off, and took a long walk through memory lane. There wasn't nearly as much available for it compared with HP-41 & TI-58/59, so I had built an extensive library of my own software. I was surprised I was still able to read my cassette archive.

- Paul


>This was quite a lovely machine, almost on par with HP-41, though I always had (and still have) HP-41 envy.

One thing is that sizewise, I guess you could put at least 4 casios in on hp. I don't have a 41 (too young for that, and my dad is not rich enough) but I always thought it was much too big



Would be interesting to see which one's are each persons favorite calculator too.


My favourites are the 11C for pocketable everyday calculator use, 42S for programmability and complex math, 71B for larger programs and hp-il i/o, Compucorp 324G for showing off and its wonderful orange display!


No waffling!


Well...ok if I must choose then overall winner is 42S, but I hate having to discard any of them!


Most beautiful: 41CX
Most useful: 42S


Too many to count - I need an adding machine to figure it out!

Actually, right now, probably about 50-60. No set favorite, but I like 32SII, 15C, 41CX, and 42S (no real surprises).


hp48gx (2)
hp 15c (2)
hp 32sii
casio fx 4000p
casio fx 6300g



Hello Mike (Stgt)! 112? Wow!

How about SWAP? Just DROP_NOSPAM.



One each of: HP-6S, HP-9G, HP-20S, HP-32S, HP30S

From the other side: SR-10, SR-11, SR-16, SR-20, SR-22, SR-50, SR-51, SR-52, SR-56, SR-60....

To be precise:

114 TI's with SR-Designation

825 TI's with TI-Designation

44 TI's with other des Lile CONCEPT III...

155 non TI's like Sharp EL-8A, Canon Pocketronic...



92 items so far. All of them HP, no TIs. Sure some are duplicates and some (may be 15%) are not currently working. I still have to find some items that I find missing in my collection.



I had more last month. ;o)

FX-890P (i80188 inside, 256K RAM)
Z1 (i80188 inside, 32K RAM)
Z1-GR (i80188 inside, 32K RAM)
HP-41C Fullnut (first model)
HP-41C Fullnut (second model)
HP-41C Halfnut
HP-41CV Fullnut
HP-41CV Fullnut with serial number on a metal label
HP-41CV Halfnut
HP-41CV Halfnut with serial number on a metal label
HP-41CV Blanknut
HP-41CV Blanknut with plastic bar disabling USER & PRGM
HP-41CV Gunzen transformed by Zengrange Ltd, Leeds
HP-41CX Fullnut
HP-41CX Halfnut
HP-71B v.1BBBB
HP-71B v.2CDDC

Alas I do not use and need all of them.
I'm particularly interested in HP-41 and its emulation
(Translator pac for HP-71B, 41CV Emulator Card for HP-48SX, HP-42S, Emu41 by Jean-Fran├žois Garnier,...).
To be continued...


The ones I like most are the items from the very beginnig of the pocket calculators' era because of their sometimes strage details. One example is the Sharp EL-8 with its remarkable itron tubes or my almost mint and fully functional Canon Pocketronic (got it from Katie) or the superb Compucorps.

The greatest beauties I have are the HP-65 with its fine and clear key concept and the TI SR-51, a really rare beauty and hard to get in good condition.

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