Hello group,

I have found a 9 V adaptor that i want to use for my HP95-LX.

The specifications are :

OUTPUT : 9.0 Volt , 500mA , 4.5VA (4.5 Watt) The polarity of the adaptor is: innercore : negative ( --) outside : positive ( + )

Can i use this adaptor ? Especialy regarding to the polarity of the adaptor and the HP95-LX offwitch it's polarity is unknown to me.

Thank's for any help, Erwin



You might want to check these 2 posts here: 1- 2-

Sorry, but it's the only reference I could find...

Maybe another board member might help us on this issue?

Gil Petri.


AC doesn't have polarity, although in some cases (like the mains) one side is "Hot" with reference to ground.

According to my hp wall-wart for my hp-95lx, your solution might be a bit underpowered, and it seems to be DC.

The specs on mine are 9VAC, 13.5 VA.

Now your DC adapter "might" work, if the 95 does full-wave rectification. I wouldn't suggest it however.

And regardless, unplug it when not in use. For some reason it seems to drain the batteries faster, perhaps with some leakage current. But I haven't been able to verify. Your mileage may vary.


Hello group,

I asked this question to someone who also has a HP95-LX, and i also asked him where i can find software and more information on the HP95-LX. I thought that i better share his anwser with this group. BTW: I'm still looking for the program 'BUDDY95' .


check out For serial transfer to/from your PC you can use ckermit (if you use Linux) or Hyperterminal (WIN9x). Also your AC adapter should work: the HP95 needs 9-13V AC (yes, AC; there is a full-wave rectifier in the HP95), but you can also feed DC into the unit. ALso check the FAQ on the abovementioned site...

Hope that helps.


You can find Buddy for the 95lx at: Hope that helps!

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