HP-41 Clonix module. Info available.


Hi all,

This is to let you know that the Clonix-41 is alive, and the related (preliminary) info is on-line.

I'ts a 1.868k .ZIP file. I bet for sure you can find it on your own... ;-)




Yep, found. Tnx! Alas w/o hardware I can't use it. But one beer you'll get if we meet here: http://www.calwereck.de/


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Good place for a European meeting! I do not think Diego will have to buy any beers himself then!



Thanks for both your compliment words and, of course, the (promissed) beers ;-) Don't forget to save some pints for John Ioannidis! His original code has been a "solid" root to grow my Clonix proyect form.

Now I'm going to (ab-)use David's site hospitality and try to shed some light regarding common questions that some of you have sent me by mail. Particular questions will be answered in detail by direct mail also.

Some Facts:

- The first Clonix modules will be ready to ship by Xmas time.

- Currently (and I've got no solution for that in the short) an empty or useless module is needed to built the Clonix in. A reasonable rebate will apply for those that can send one or more spare modules. As for now I have only got tree spare shells.

- Have No Idea (literally) about pricing, first units will run its own luck at this very site (FSOBO) or eBay (I'm still regarding pros and cons of both options). So it's up to you to decide how much they're worth :-)

- Clonix can handle ENBANK1 & ENBANK2. Actually it can handle ENBANK3 & 4 also, but I've decided to supress this feature from the PIC code because a) only HEPAX use it. b) HEPAX RAM emulation isn't possible. c)HEPAX rom can be emulated though, but it needs a specific code which isn't fully tested yet and d) HEPAX rom *without* its RAM file system is (to my mind) of little interest.

- Early machines as well as 2x (1.7x in fact) speed up 41's are fully supported.

- A 41 edge -> DIL adapter will go along with every module, this is needed to connect the module to the PIC programmer and(re)program or read the Clonix. Almost *any* PIC programmer is suitable for the task, IMHO the simpler the better: JDM programer schematic (public domain) is attached along with the Clonix info into the Hardware folder if you want to face a small DIY proyect. They can usually be found in many electronic components stores as well as at eBay (search for "18f252" including descriptions) they go for $10 - 15.
Changing the 5.1v Zener for a 5.6v rated one is highly advisable. If you don't want to face this task, send your JDM programmer along with your housing module and I'll do it for you... Yes, no cost ;-)

- I've already sent the very first three Clonix modules to the main proyect contributors, hope they receive them in short and send their feedback. It should also be advisable for you all to wait for those first impression from my (un)volunteers beta testers, to form a better picture of the whole thing before making a decision. I'm also waiting for this as the only way to find out if there's something to change/improve in the proyect.

- The Clonix41_man1.doc is, obviously, a draft, the definitive edition will be (hopefully) ready in a couple of weeks. Some intermediate versions may arise in the meantime.

- Some *very* special applications have not been discussed as they are not intended for the common use. The most relevant of them being the possibility of repairing/substituting a 41 OS ROM's with a properly programmed PIC, the last is only applicable to Fullnut machines though.

Hope this helps to clarify some aspects of the Clonix proyect.

Best wishes from Spain.


I have studied HEPAX intensively during the last couple of days to enable support for it in my MLDL2000. I have come to the conclusion that is is almost impossible to support, and I suggest to forget HEPAX, although it is a great module. For most HEPAX functions there are alternatives anyway. After I have finished my MLDL2000 I suggest that a few of us enthousiasts form a task group to modify HEPAX in such a way that it will be much easier to support in Clonix, MLDL2000 and also the V41 emulator (where HEPAX does not work).



I shall come in defence of the HEPAX! Yes, I agree it's difficult to support or emulate, but IMHO is the best piece ever produced for the 41.

It's like a gigantic Extended memory but without the limitations of extended memory (ie. run programs directly, etc). It's got the best disassembler after D41, (part of Warren's SDK-41). It's got multi-functions that are programmable, it relocates itself dynamically to the lowest 4k block available, it has 4 bank-switched pages...

Having said this I agree with Diego, that without the RAM memory it is of very little interest for his project. But remember: Emu41 does suport it beautifully!!



I shall come in defence of the HEPAX! Yes, I agree it's difficult to support or emulate, but IMHO is the best piece ever produced for the 41

I emulated HEPAX in HP-41X without problem. I don't know about hardware emulation either ...


Some files in the ZIP are of size 0 (Null, zero, nada). Suppose that was not your intention.



That would be the 2nd European meeting there. <G>




do you have a time frame for a meeting?



Hi Raymond!

I have nothing planned at the moment. Well, I thoght about it for fall this year but had too much work to put it up. The idea is to visit Porsche (last time we visited "Daimler" in BB), and KNÖ or Klett Auslieferungslager just to have a programme for participants interested in technic and computer. An other idea would be a visit of HP in BB with an "excursion" in project management: how to bring an idea to market and make money with it.

May be in 2004



Hi Mike,

Stuttgart?... May I also have a Porsche overhaul-tunning session?

I'd love to get a pair of areo-mirrors... (cheap) ;-)





Excellent news, I hope it works out at a good price for enthusiasts. However 'Clonix' sounds like an embarrassing medical procedure, is there a better name to use?


IMHO "Clonix" names what it does. Not the name is embarrassing but the medical procedure (which is an adaption from cattle breeding). Just a question: do you avoid using the word "electricity"? Not all possibilities are doing well for man.



I can swear noone has ever been pregnant by Clonix project, and it will never be ;-)

Back on the track, one 0bytes file is (hopefully) generated during the Clonix programming process, namely "ClonixMk.err", which means that the compilation process has been done successfully.

The "romimgX.asm" files are initialized everytime you started the programming utility so chances are you get them emptied if you abort the procces before you actually make the compilation, regarding those empty CCDX.ROM... well they shouldn't be there, sorry :-( Please rub'em off.

I'd love to have a meeting. Anyhow time frame is quite a trouble for me now... and for the next few weeks. Will it be possible to shift it after the New Year? (just a suggestion.)

Thank you all for your comments and best wishes.



Tnx again, I found some ROMs that are totaly or in that version new in my collection.




I just finished my Clonix module (I simply wired the PIC18F258 on prototype board, generated the HEX image, programmed the PIC with my benchtop programmer) and I have Advantage, ExtIO and David assembler.

Especially the ExtIO allows me to debug the HPIL mass storage firmware much faster. :-)))

BTW, I added the two capacitors from the crystal to ground and I also added the 100nF capacitor across PWR and GND pins. Just for sure.

Also, because I am curious, I checked the Clonix source code. It seems that unused ports A and C are left as input.
Maybe I am paranoid, but IMHO it is better to set them as outputs. Those pins does not have weak internal pull-ups and if they are left unconnected they can oscillate. It should be better to set them as outputs. The power consumption will be a bit lower.


Hi Pavel,

I'm happy to hear your prototype is working!

Regarding the caps, they're not needed, they won't hurt though.

The unused ports hint is a good advice from you, I'll modify the code and make some testing. If you can make a similar test in your prototype, it'll be nice to have a second "workbench" and compare notes to see if a noticeable power reduction is achieved.

Mail me back or post a new thread if you want to face the task.

Thanks a lot for your info and kind regards.


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