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My partner has an HP11C. He apparently hit a combination of keys that caused it to change the comma and decimal delimitters to switch. Right now his HP uses a comma to denote decimal places and periods to denote thousands. This is backwards of the way we in the States are used to. Can I change it back for him?


Press ON and don't release the key. Press the decimal point key. Release it. Release at last the ON key.

Maybe the most asked question about the 1XC series, with "how to switch off the C on my 15C"


Thanks for your reply. I think something must be wrong with my partner's HP. The procedure you stated didn't work. Oh well, his problem.


The HP-11C manual said:
"To change the radix/digit separator convention on your HP-11C, turn off the calculator, then hold down the [.] key, turn the calculator back on, and release the [.] key ([.]/ON)."

It will work unless the [.] key (decimal point) isn't working...

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Thanks, Nelson - It worked!

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