I know it's a TI-59, but over $500? wow!




this is totally ridiculous.

My first programmable calculator was a TI59, and it lasted a couple of months. The card reader was giving me trouble from day one, and the keyboard started misbehaving (missed keystrokes or double digits) after only a couple of months.

I eventually sold it and got a 41C.

Never looked back on the darn thing. Just a piece of trash.



Funny, I have made *exactly* the same experience, I have also swapped my TI-59 for a HP-41, and I too have never looked back. Well almost, since .... I still like the looks of the TI! But quality was lousy.

Cheers, Victor


it was a real shame that the keyboard was so badly made on the 58/9 models. i had a ti58 from new and it started playing up after only a few months of use. unfortunately no one wanted to swap their 41c for it :-)
technically, i liked the machine, its functions and programming.

there was a guy on ebay recently selling new but broken ones (they had all been corroded inside) for cheap prices. if you wanted a mint one, buy one and swap over the board with an older but working model. would be a lot less than $500. unless you want a very nice carboard box that is.


Hmm. If it's really NOS, then maybe...
BTW: I have a near mint TI-59, complete with box and all the stuff, even with the printer. (No joke)

Offer start at 250 EUR + shipping.



And I'd want to take a look inside. I notice the battery pack is shown inserted. Unlike the HP calcs of the time, the TI's internal circuit board is exposed in the battery compartment, and the battery pack is not a separate piece-- the back of the case that snaps out _is_ the battery pack.


I sold one with a printer about three months ago on ebay for $12. That was one expensive box.

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