HP48GX with Speed-up modul goes well?


It's just a question Raymond.
How many gX do you have


Currently, I have three HP-48GX, two of them being rare early units (ROM Rev L with SX display and M with GX display), one Rev R, and one 48G with 2304K RAM.

None of them has the SpeedUp .

My only HP-48 with SpeedUp is my brand new 48G+ .
And it works very well! As said in the other thread, speed gain will vary depending on application, but you'll feel it. The forms and library menus pop up somewhat faster...
and if you're using my UI enhancements, you'll even leave a 49G behind.

But I forgot to mention my 6 HP-48SX units, one of them with the earliest known serial number (3003A00131) ;-)


Wow, Das ist ├╝berraschend, wie viele Taschenrechner hast du?


I can't speak for Raymond, but for myself:

(2) 48gx, (2) 128 Klotz, (1) 2 MB Klotz
(1) 48g (non-functioning)
(1) 41cv (part functioning)
(1) 45
(1) 15c
(1) 11c
(2) 32sii
(2) 20s

So that is 11 HP! How did that happen?!

one cheapo new,
one cheapo novel,
one classic Sharp Elsi-Mate (wife's),
one TI "little professor",
two wooden slide rules,
numerous specialty slide rules, both round and linear,
at least four books with log tables,
and one brain ;^)


And no Abacus? I agree, its continuous memory is not very shock resistant, but the device is quite pocketable and fast, too. Mine is actually a soroban. Easier to carry around than my Monroe adding machine, anyway.

Cheers, Victor


All in all I own about 160 HP calculators, and 30 - 40 calcs/hand computers from other brands. This includes some Non-HP RPN calculators, e.g. Novus, Commodore Minuteman (different versions), Omron (12SR), and Privileg (SR 54 NC), where Privileg/Quelle is only a reseller.

Seems I have to count the machines again...

Why do you ask? How many clcs do you have?

In another thread, the excellent quality of the older Sharp pocket computers was mentioned.

I have some of these very nice aluminium casr machines (PC-1212, PC-1250?, PC-1361, and some CE-125).
They're made very nice, and of very good quality,
but I'd never use them daily because of their keyboards.
That was one big reason to buy my first HP back then in 1980. Once you have felt the keyboard of an HP-41, you'll never want anything else, except an HP-48, of course;-)

And the Sharps didn't have RPN.



Hi, Raymond!
Are you interested in a SHARP PC-1261?

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