HP48 equation library


Is there any way to dump the HP48 equation library's contents to a file or library so that one can load it to the HP49 calculator ?



Why not just use this http://www.hpcalc.org/hp49/math/misc/eql49r27.zip?



I put a compressed version of the data for this library (40% smaller)in the upload section but it will only apear next time hpcalc.org is updated which should be soon as discussed in comp.sys.hp48


PS: If you can't wait email me but I am sure you can live a few days without it.


I installed all three lib files on the HP49 and attached them. It is shown in port 2(flash memory) as eql49r2.7, etools and xeqlib: 2000; however, when I press [apps] and cursor down to equation lib, it always says : ERROR unddefined Local Name. Anybody know what I did wrong ? And tell me how it will work ? thanks- especially to Massimo and Arnaud.


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