Cassette drive "media error"


When trying to initiate my data cassette, i always have the "media error" even if i try with new cassette. I cannot write program on the cassette too. What can cause this situation?

Thank you for answering



are you able to rewind the tape?
Have you checked the optics of the drive?
Have you checked the recording head?
Are you able to *read* previously written files?

Do you use tapes made for the IL drive, e.g. with mirror and dot hole?




What kind of cassette are we talking about?

Are you using an HP 82161A or something different?



Yes i use original HP mini data cassette with miror and hole.

yes, when i XEC "NEWM 005" the drive "format" at medium speed the cassette up to the end, rewind the cassette completely, "format" again all the tape and rewind it completely then passe the first feets of tape 4 times, looking for someting maby, and then show the error.

sometime insted of medium error, i get "drive error".

Thanks again!


It seems that there is a problem with reading or writing.
Drive formats both tracks and subsequently, the HP-41 is trying to write the LIF header and read it for verifying. If the calculator cannot read data back, it display the "media error".

I have the same problem with one of my drives. Try to read the tape which was written in a good unit.

If it reads OK, than the problem is somewhere in the writing section of the drive.

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