Who was it who pointet me to Hercules to emulate IBM's big iron? Works! Well, currently VM/370 only, S/390 is still an issue for me. But the day is near (nearer) when I may offer my NutEm (coconut emulator, HP-41) for everybody who owns a somewhat normal PC.

Whom it may concern my big THANK YOU!



Can you tell us a little bit more of your NutEm? What are the differences betweens J.F. Garniers Emul41? Just a short sumary of your good website please.



NutEm is just a feasability test I made in FORTRAN in the OS VM/ESA (IBM mainframe). It's a logical emulation of the Coconut CPU and currently I have only a working interface on the host. My aim was to migrate it to the PC world with the hope that only the interface has to be touched. Bad luck: The values of FORTRAN variables on the PC are stored LSB, on the host MSB (or vv). So indexing single bits is wrong.

If you need an emulator of the HP-41 on a PC use J-F Garniers or Warren Furlows.



Mmmmhhh... that was me if I remember correctly.

Great that in a near future we will emulate in an emulator!

VM/370 was my first mainframe OS: it would be nice to have it today. ;-)

Keep up the good work,


Hi Massimo!

Thank you very much for your hint about Hercules. Currently I have VM/370 running, alas it's not what my NutEm needs. I hope to have some spare time in December to try S/390 and zVM.



Never worked on them.
Best of luck for your tests and, please, keep us posted!



Well, z/VM is defenitely no free ware and I'm still not able to run S/390.




What kind of interface does your emulator use? It is graphical or text based?




user-interface and printer-interface is text based only. See http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/nutem/scrshtr.htm
But it has a nice input and XEQ line. Typing in that input field is a bit faster than hit XEQ key - hit Alpha - key in routine name - hit alpha again.


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